EFI Proofing Solutions Give Schawk Stamford the Right Colors and Savings

Company Profile

Schawk, Inc., the world leader in digital imaging graphic services to the consumer products packaging market, provides all prepress services for its Fortune 500 packaging clients. The global company, headquartered in Des Plaines, Ill., provides a host of services to packaging, advertising and promotional markets. It counts consumer product giants Unilever Bestfoods North America and Pepperidge Farm among its clients, along with household names like The Discovery Channel. Schawk Stamford excels in the breakneck world of consumer packaging, where global brand consistency is a necessity and speed to market is the driving force.


The Stamford, Conn., facility of Schawk Inc. was poised to make the transition from an analog to computer-to-plate prepress workflow to accelerate the development of vibrant new packaging and speed client products to market. Schawk needed an accurate digital proofing system that could maintain the highlevel quality standards and custom colors critical to consumer package printing.


Schawk’s Stamford division chose EFI Colorproof™ with Best™ technology for color-accurate contone proofing, and EFI Screenproof™ for content and color accurate halftone proofing.  


The proofing solutions enable Schawk Stamford to speed client products to market using lower-cost, digital proofs that accurately match press output. They’ve helped Schawk cut job turnaround time, increase productivity, reduce material costs and eliminate color variations and errors derived from human intervention, providing Schawk Stamford with the right colors and savings too! 

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