EFI Color Profiler Suite Delivers Quality and Cost Savings

Pay Per Print

Many distributors and OEMs, through direct sales and resellers, provide what is known as a Pay Per Print, or a Pay Per Use solution. Pay Per Print allows customers with given print volumes to pay a flat rate that includes a fully maintained printing device and all consumables. Driven by EFI Fiery controllers, the dealers and OEMs are able to offer advanced color printing, including extensive color management, specific graphic arts feature sets, and a common workstation application for print room management. The solution provides the customer with the latest in print technologies, the piece of mind that service and support is on hand, and the knowledge of exactly how much each print is going to cost.

Solutions Provider Challenge

The challenge to offering an all-in-one solution, such as Pay Per Print, is to ensure that the costs of supplying, installing and maintaining the equipment, along with the variable costs of consumables such as paper and toner, is minimized to ensure profitability. Any increase in costs for the solution is directly borne by the supplier. In an effort to keep costs under control, the auditing of maintenance requests and consumables usage is a top priority.

Real World Example

Upon performing a consumables audit, the technical division of an OEM manufacturer located in Germany found that a particular customer was consuming a significantly less amount of toner compared to other customers. There was no reason to suspect the customer would not ask for replacement toner when it was required, as toner is included in the cost of the Pay Per Print solution.

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