eCopy Launches Wiki about Document Imaging

February 28, 2007 - eCopy, Inc., a leading provider of solutions that integrate paper documents into business software applications, today announced the launch of the Document Imaging Wiki at, an interactive resource on document imaging topics that anyone can contribute to and edit.

The Document Imaging Wiki is an online forum to research topics related to the document imaging ecosystem and share knowledge. Its focus is on the technologies, vendors, resources and best practices for managing information and adding paper-based content into software applications.

The Wiki provides IT managers and office professionals a centralized resource for research on document imaging topics specific to their industry, such as healthcare, legal and financial services, or business processes such as accounts payable or expense reporting. It also allows users to collaborate using discussion boards. Helpful links to external document imaging resources, such as trade organizations, online publications and blogs, are included.

"The document imaging ecosystem is evolving rapidly and encapsulates numerous technologies, including multifunction printers (MFPs), scanners and business software applications with sophisticated integration capabilities - making it essential to provide people with assistance in researching all these options," said Ralph Gammon, publisher of Document Imaging Report and author of the blog Document Imaging Talk. "The Document Imaging Wiki provides an excellent resource for anyone looking to incorporate document imaging into their workplace and needing to educate themselves on the technology available."

"When conducting research online about document imaging, information is not always easily accessible or consolidated in one place," said Bill Brikiatis, eCopy director of corporate marketing. "eCopy created the Document Imaging Wiki as a centralized source of information open to anyone who is researching document imaging technologies and trying to learn what would best benefit their work environment. The Wiki will cut down on research time and aid in the decision-making process."

The Document Imaging Wiki is a public Website and is designed to be updated at any time by individuals with knowledge of the document imaging industry. In addition, people are encouraged to contribute questions to be addressed by the document imaging community in the discussion forums.

About eCopy, Inc.

eCopy, Inc. is an innovative provider of open and flexible solutions that rapidly integrate paper-based information into existing business processes and applications. Numerous industries, including legal, healthcare, and financial services, use eCopy to easily access, modify, distribute, and share information to add value to their business. eCopy customers include Nissan, Verizon Wireless, BP, Sprint, General Motors, Clifford Chance, Siemens, Cisco Systems, SAAB, and Sony Corporation. eCopy, Inc. is a global company headquartered in the United States, with subsidiaries in Japan and the UK, offices in Germany, France, Scandinavia, and Australia as well as sales operations in Mexico, Canada, Latin America, Singapore, and New Zealand.