Duplo the Answer for Anton's Secure Digital Work

<p><b>Jan 24, 2012</b> The Anton Group have installed the Duplo Digital System 5000 Pro bookletmaking system and a DC-745e production level Digital Cutter/Creaser&#160; to handle their secure, variable data digital work for a number of high profile clients.</p> <p>Anton Group's digital division has grown significantly since the company's move to their Laindon facility in 2007. With Anton's entire production now under one roof, the digital division has become the fastest growing department and is now one of the UK's largest digital production outfits, boasting 8 Kodak Nexpress engines.</p> <p>Having stepped into digital in 2002 with their first Nexpress, Anton's digital division played a very small role in the business, and employed just two staff. Initially, finishing for digital was a very manual process, with larger digital runs being finished on existing litho finishing kit.</p> <!--break--> <p>As the division grew, the need for efficient digital finishing became ever more apparent. However, the growth of variable data work was the main driver for Anton's latest investment. Over the last 4 years, this growth has now seen an estimated 90% of all digital work becoming variable. The key factor in choosing Duplo according to Anton's Digital Press Manager, Bryan Knight was the integrity of tracking digital work.</p> <p>&quot;During our digital expansion, we have acquired some large, high profile accounts who require complex variable data work. Much of this work contains very sensitive data and as a result, integrity has to be priority number one. With the intelligent barcoding system on the Digital System 5000 Pro, we are able to track every single booklet that it produces. Any errors are flagged up immediately and the rest of the run is not affected.&quot;</p> <p>In addition to the Digital Bookletmaker, Anton invested in Duplo's latest versatile digital cutting/creasing solution, the DC745e. With customer run lengths decreasing, along with the time in which the job is required by the customer, the&#160; DC-745e has enabled the variety of applications in Anton's digital portfolio to expand without affecting production. Previously complex cut and creased jobs required skilled operators to setup and run specialist machinery such as the cylinder or guillotine. Again, utilising intelligent barcoding, the DC-745e takes the risk away from human error as the jobs are finished automatically.</p> <p>Knight added, &quot;Our efficiency in digital is very much reliant on our finishing. Using manual operations such as guillotining, whilst useful for some tasks, can be very labour intensive in others. To become fully efficient, we need our processes to become as automated as possible. The DC-745e has reduced what was previously a bit of a bottleneck for us. Some applications that require not only cutting and creasing, but also perforating or scoring, were previously very laborious and multiple devices were required to achieve the required finish. Not only are we now seeing a saving in time, but also a reduction in wastage with the first sheet becoming a useful product.&quot;&#160; </p> <p>Since the installation, the relationship between Duplo and Anton has flourished. Knight commented, &quot;The level of service and support we have received from Duplo has been first class. Our Duplo service engineers have been very flexible to our bespoke requirements and have supported us from the word go. The level of training provided has enabled us to maximise productivity from our new lines and we now have efficient digital setup required to surpass our customers' expectations.&quot;</p> <p>Duplo UK Managing Director, Tony Lock commented: &quot;The research and development that goes into our new lines comes directly from customer feedback. Being able to boast customers like The Anton Group gives us a greater platform to develop our range. With Automated Precision the key factor to our products efficiency, our relationship with Bryan and Anton's&#160; digital division is a significant milestone in our business' development.&quot;</p> <p>This article was originally posted on <a href="http://www.bertl.com/web/PORTAL_NEWS?ID_=7338">Bertl</a>.</p>