DocuWare White Paper Security

1 Objectives of This White Paper

The purpose of this white paper is to present the security measures within the DocuWare software. The paper includes a discussion of the measures undertaken to achieve access security and to prevent downtimes – or at least to minimize their adverse effects on users. It includes all preventive measures against accidental or deliberate manipulation of managed content and against data loss caused by system failure. Security features also include measures to ensure data protection and the traceability of events within the system. 

It mentions the underlying technologies and describes how they are used by the DocuWare system. This should provide readers with a technically sound understanding of the DocuWare system and the security it offers. 

This document is intended for clients (users), consultancy companies, IT magazines and distribution partners. It assumes a certain level of technical knowledge about the structure of modern software applications, ideally of document management systems. Detailed knowledge of current or previous DocuWare systems is not required. 

2 Introduction 

The larger and more complex file cabinets become, the more extensive their security requirements. DocuWare provides comprehensive features relating to

  • authorization and access security and
  • protection against failure

An important element of the DocuWare system is Authentication Server, which not only ensures correct authentication, but also provides functions which protect against failure. To avoid the unauthorized use of DocuWare functions, the DocuWare servers contain the following security features: 

  • A state-of-the-art authentication system 
  • A comprehensive authorization concept
  • Optional encryption
  • Powerful electronic signature features
  • Comprehensive logging options
  • Secure communication protocols

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