DocuWare White Paper Integration

1 Introduction

1.1 Objective and Layout of the Paper
This White Paper is aimed at technically literate readers and explains all of the different ways in which the DocuWare system can be integrated with other system worlds: the underlying technologies and the way they are used by the DocuWare system. 

This will enable the technically versed reader to form an opinion about the DocuWare system and to assess its capabilities in terms of how easy it is to adapt to existing infrastructures. This document also gives the reader an idea of how the DocuWare system behaves within an IT environment shared with other systems, and to what extent customization may be required to ensure maximum return on investment and minimum administrative costs (total cost of ownership). 

The White Paper addresses clients (users), consulting companies, IT magazines and distribution partners. It assumes a certain level of technical knowledge about the structure of modern software applications, ideally of document management systems. Detailed knowledge of current or previous DocuWare systems is not required. 

This introductory chapter begins with an overview of DocuWare architecture and the integration options offered by the different types of interface provided by DocuWare. Chapters 2 to 4 explain the individual interfaces and their application areas in more detail. Chapter 5 and chapter 6 show how DocuWare can interact with existing hardware systems and customer- pecific software modules used for capturing and display. Chapter 7 explains integration from the user perspective (rather than the technical perspective). For the details, links to the preceding chapters are provided here. Chapter 7 therefore mainly offers another view of the integration options already described.    

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