Document System Security

I was thinking a little today about security of documents. I was thinking about how most organizations think that documents are secure, but upon further reflection, find that documents are not nearly as secure as we think.

When we start to consider all of the things a copier can do, we realize that we really don’t just buy copiers anymore. We buy multi-function products. One of the functions of a multi-function product is the simple function of scanning. We can scan to folder, scan to ftp, scan to Novel, scan to email, scan to fax, scan to databases and so many more places.

When we talk about those scanning locations, we can't forget that in most scan to email systems, for example, there are little, or no, controls on how a document is scanned or where it is sent to. Typically, there is no real way to track the usage.

Security is critical in today's business environment. With regulations like SOX, HIPAA, FACTA, etc, we have to be very careful about our content. When we have systems that allow for documents to be shared at the will of any user, we need to have systems in place that help to control this environment.


Corey Smith has fifteen years of document management industry experience and maintains the Master the Business blog.