Document Solutions and the Evolving Nature of Data Theft

As what was once the future slowly turns into the present, we can expect technology to become more and more advanced. As a general rule, the advancement of technology is not partial to any particular area; therefore, we can readily assume that advancement in the field of data theft will mimic the advancement of data security. This simply means that each sector of technology in regard to data security is trying to stay one step ahead of the other. Identity thieves will be inventing new ways to steal important information or identities while programmers looking to thwart these thieves will invent better ways of preventing or protecting valuable data.

Some ways that identity thieves are using the Internet to steal valuable information have already been uncovered by industry experts. This has allowed document management systems and document solutions offered by various companies to adapt to the ever-present threat of identity and data theft. If your company is currently operating in a high-threat industry such as the medical or legal field, maybe it’s time that you looked into document solutions for your business designed to protect your data.

Some ways that the industry around data security is changing includes:

  • Going Mobile- The year 2012 reported more than ever data heists taking place on people’s mobile phones. Hackers were, and still are, targeting mobile platforms not only because they can be relatively easy compared with other targets, but also because of the wealth of information that can be scored from a personal or business phone.
  • Web Access is Going Everywhere- Your desktop computer and mobile phone aren’t the only devices in your home or business with access to the internet anymore. Smart TVs, tablets, Smart Boards, and other devices are now all connected meaning more ways for your company to become vulnerable to a threat.
  • The Targeting of Specific Industries- The medical and legal fields are under more scrutiny than ever by both thieves and software programmers looking to protect them. If you work in these industries, it is imperative that you are taking the necessary steps to become compliant with HIPAA and other government regulations.

Acquiring document solutions tailor-made for your business is a good place to start in making sure your business and your clients are protected from identity theft. Staying one step ahead is also vital so it is more important than ever to stay up to date with the latest security measures.

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