Document Security and Compliance


In today’s age of interconnectivity, the potential for security breaches has multiplied. Not only has it become easier for outsiders to infiltrate company IT infrastructures, but it has also become easier for people within the organization to commit a privacy breach (either on purpose or accidentally). While many companies have responded to the first type of problem by installing network firewalls, anti-malware software, and intrusion detection/prevention systems, the area of internal security threats—particularly those related to document security— has largely been ignored.

Organizations’ awareness of potential security problems that exist, or familiarity with the solutions that can prevent these types of breaches, varies from company to company. Within this white paper, InfoTrends will highlight the prevalence of document-related security and compliance breaches, provide examples of vulnerable elements of the document infrastructure (in the general office environment and in a variety of key vertical markets), and discuss proven solutions for addressing these risks.

Prevalence of Document-Related Security Breaches

According to a recent IT research study1, 90% of U.S. organizations experienced leakage or loss of sensitive or confidential documents over the past 12-month period. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, meanwhile, lists over 500 health information security breaches that have affected 500 or more individuals over the last several years. 

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