Document Management: Law Offices Should Implement an EDMS Into Their Practice

There are certain industries that have laws and regulations requiring them to secure their documents that contain personal information on them. Law offices are in this category.

Paper work is a big part of being in the profession of law. That is why document management has long been the factory assembly line for most law firms. All of the contracts, personal information, spreadsheets and billing information need to be stored somewhere secure and inaccessible to just anyone.

With a lawyer-client relationship there is the important issue of liability for mistakes resulting in possible malpractice and personal liability for the lawyer if these documents get into the wrong hands.

In the past the most secure way to store documents was the filing cabinet. But the filing cabinet just doesn’t cut it anymore. Law offices need to have some sort of electronic document management system (EDMS) in place.

EDMS is a computer system used to track and store documents turning them into electronic files. You can store word-processing documents, presentations, scanned documents, spreadsheets and a variety of document formats.

EDMS solves many of the storage and retrieval problems in storing paper documents. It also frees up space in the office taken up by filing systems while simultaneously reducing business costs.

EDMS allows law offices to:

  • Securely store and share documents and confidential records
  • Access these documents from any computer with an Internet connection from anywhere in the world.
  • Prevent loss of records
  • Eliminate the need for a file cabinet
  • Recover records in the occurrence of a disaster
  • Manage records easily
  • Find documents quickly

There are so many benefits of an EDMS. Every industry can benefit from having one of these systems in place especially law offices since they have the added stress of compliance and other regulations.

Implement an EDMS in your law office today. It will be the smartest business move you make.