Doculabs MarketFocus White Paper: Capabilities Assessment of KYOcapture

Challenges of Administrative Document Applications

In most office environments, paper handling is still a major part of day-to-day business processes. This is especially true of administrative applications, such as those that involve accounting, legal, or human resources operations. Such applications involve heavy volumes of forms and supporting documentation that must be routed manually, resulting in time-consuming and error-prone processes.

Document imaging can help address many of the major inefficiencies and costs associated with paper-based processes. Imaging and digital routing can streamline processes, minimize the risk of lost documents, and reduce the mail, shipping and courier costs involved in transporting documents between offices. Digital images can be stored in a searchable repository, making it much easier for users to find and retrieve the documents they need to do their jobs. Document imaging also reduces paper storage requirements, saving space while reducing filing time.

Document imaging can also help address other business risks associated with handling paper. For example, digitizing documents can ensure that documents get under organizational control as quickly as possible, which helps facilitate sound records management practices and regulatory compliance. In addition, this allows organizations to secure their documents.

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