Digitising Documents Provides Helping Hand for Medics

A new electronic health record system delivered by Ricoh is giving doctors at German hospital group KHWE quicker access to essential medical information to help them provide better outcomes for their patients. Meanwhile, the digitisation of the company’s administrative documents is significantly improving the efficiency of the organisation itself.

Paper-free Prescription

Katholische Hospitalvereinigung Weser-Egge (KHWE), a German healthcare company that operates four hospitals, five retirement homes and two schools, was keen to modernise its internal systems by digitising every one of its patient records.

This will allow medical staff instant access to the relevant information they need to make decisions about treatment and so directly benefits patients. Naturally, respecting the confidentiality of this patient data is essential so the information must be held securely. At the same time, KHWE wanted to digitise its own paper-based administration systems – such as personnel archives, contract management and invoicing – therefore improving the organisation’s overall workflows was also a key objective.

Modernising Document Management

To meet KHWE’s needs Ricoh created a bespoke system covering both patient records and administrative processes which could be integrated into the company’s existing IT infrastructure. 

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