Dell 2155CDN Review


Choosing the right multifunctional laser printer in the budget sector is always a challenge. Take a close look at Dell 2155CDN if you haven’t made your mind regarding what printing unit to purchase – the Dell machine is really worthy of attention and respect. Are you running a small firm? Or maybe you are in need of regular printing, copying and scanning…? A single hardware unit of Dell 2155CDN provides outstanding opportunities and extremely high delivery quality. Actually, you should not expect hundreds of thousands of pages to print each month from an inexpensive printer; however, it has an impressive number of strong points to stand out from the crowd.


40,000 pages to execute with no risks to damage the core mechanisms each month is not a problem with Dell 2155CDN. Perhaps, some category of office workers will find this result unimpressive, especially taking into account the fact that exceeding the limit may contribute to failure of the printer, but anyway, 40k of pages should be enough for an average active user or a small business. Forget about annoying “no paper in tray” critical notifications – the tray of Dell 2155CDN can easily hold around 250 sheets, so it shouldn’t get on your nerves too often.

What key factors are the most important for the customers that are looking forward to getting a reliable laser printer? Undoubtedly, an extraordinary majority will admit quality and speed characteristics. Dell 2155CDN is a double winner here, as it operates at a terrific speed of 24 pages per minute, which is a simply fantastic result for the machine that represents an inexpensive price range. The printing quality is awesome as well; maybe it cannot be compared with professional photo printers, but in either event it’s far above average for sure.

There is no doubt you should get this laser speedy hard worker if it meets your affordable budget, as finding a high quality analog that includes at least the similar set of features is an extremely complicated task.


Perhaps, each product has its weak points and Dell 2155CDN is not an exception. However, taking into consideration a long list of strengths, think you won’t be too disappointed with 600x600 dpi resolution or its bulky size. Search the web for negative reviews and low ratings – I bet you won’t be able to find many, as this is most probably the best possible option in its price range, appreciated by a legion of customers and highly recommended by technical specialists.