Datacenter SSDs: Solid Footing for Growth


This IDC white paper explores the opportunity for integrating solid state drives (SSDs) into the enterprise storage environment. Datacenter challenges are highlighted and compared with the commensurate benefits of SSDs. IDC’s forecast for SSD integration into datacenters is delineated. Finally, challenges that SSD OEMs must address before successfully engaging the datacenter are revealed.


IDC estimates that datacenter storage requirements are increasing between 50% and 60% per year, with no end in sight. IT managers have at their disposal a number of technologies and solutions to manage this ongoing growth in storage. Much of the focus in managing storage proliferation has been related to consolidating server and direct-attached storage into large pools of networked storage, or storage area networks. This strategy has been and continues to be an effective way to manage a company’s growing storage environment.

However, commensurate with the increasing storage requirements are the processing needs placed upon the stored data. The terabytes of storage not only need to be preserved and protected but also need to be served to applications running on servers that provide vital data and services to users. These varying performance needs have created an opportunity for storage system vendors to offer various storage products within a defined set of performance tiers. High-performance storage for data-hungry, transaction- ntense server demands at the top and lowerperformance, yet very high- apacity oriented storage at the foundation facilitate backup and data protection procedures, enabling the higher storage tiers to maintain their focus on performance.

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