Cutting Printer Costs

Cutting printer costs

How much is your printing fleet really costing you?

Printing is a cost centre that is frequently overlooked by organisations. They look at printers and copiers purely as capital expenditures, ignoring the significant running costs associated with owning a fleet. The fact is, however, that printers and copiers probably represent a significant part of your ongoing operational expenses - typically 1-3% of revenue on average, according to industry experts - and there are significant advantages to properly evaluating how that money is being spent.

Using a very simple cost per page analysis, it may be possible to save 50% or more of your ongoing printing expenses.

If your organisation is like most, then you’re probably spending far more on printing than you need to. If you’ve ever gone for the “cheap” option when buying printers; if you’ve ignored long term costs when making purchasing decisions; if you allow printing costs to be buried in departmental stationery budgets, then there’s a very good chance that you’re wasting a good deal of money.

The truth is that the cost of feeding a printer, copier or Multi Function Device (MFD) over the course of its lifespan is likely to far exceed the cost of buying it in the first place. In fact, it’s likely that the initial purchase cost of a business printer will represent only a fraction, in some cases as little as 10%, of the money you spend on that printer over the course of its life. 

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