Customers Benefit As Océ Eco Start Program Accelerates

Trumbull, CT – May 24, 2012 – Océ, a Canon Group company and an international leader in digital document management, today announced that the Océ Eco Start Program funded the planting of over 350,000 trees in 2011. The Océ Eco Start Program partners with Trees for the Future, planting trees on behalf of Océ U.S. customers to help offset CO2 emissions attributable to the energy usage from production equipment during the first year of operation.

Through the Océ Eco Start program, Océ customers have the opportunity to enhance their environmentally responsible business practices and minimize the environmental impact of their production printing equipment. The Océ Eco Start Program also assists production printing customers in marketing their environmental sustainability initiatives. This program is part of a larger, holistic approach to environmental responsibility that includes sustainable products, practices and tools to promote a healthier environment.


As part of this holistic approach, Océ devotes substantial time and effort to sustainable engineering and manufacturing practices. Océ also maintains a dedicated Asset Recovery facility and participates in sustainable practices around the word.

As organizations seek out business partners with a proven record of environmental responsibility, Océ is proud to be one of the few companies for whom sustainability has been a defining philosophy from the very start. From the founding of the company in 1877, Océ has established a tradition of environmental stewardship that continues to raise the bar across the industry.

"Our customers are taking sustainability very seriously and looking for more environmentally responsible ways to do business, said Jodie MacLellan, Marketing Manager of Field Programs, Océ North America Production Printing Systems division, and member of the Océ Sustainability Council. "We are extremely proud of our leadership in this arena and of the Océ Eco Start Program in particular. We are delighted at the response we've gotten from our customers, who have contributed their ideas and feedback, which has been an essential component of honing our sustainability efforts."

What Customers Are Saying About Sustainability and the Océ Eco Start Program

According to Mari and Gary Reed, Owners at Dakota Press, "Our business is now a certified green business and that could not have been possible without the help from Océ. We were delighted that the Eco Start Program was in place as it showed us that together we can make a difference in the future!"

For Business Ink (BI), it's important that everything they produce and distribute is as environmentally friendly as possible. "We're pleased that Océ is a diligent steward of all Green Initiatives and that they are a strategic partner with our company, said Jim Goodwin, Executive Vice President at Business Ink.

Since 2009, Standard Register has been actively engaged in the Carbon Disclosure Project's (CDP) Supply Chain program to reduce carbon emissions. Participation in the program helped Standard Register identify ways to realize significant energy savings from emissions reduction activities. So when Standard Register decided to upgrade outdated printing technology, Océ's Eco Start program and commitment to energy efficiency was a factor in their purchase decision. "Replacing our digital fleet resulted in tremendous productivity gains," said Steve McDonell, Vice President of Engineering. "But not only that – our new Océ fleet was a significant factor in reducing energy usage by 37%! Undoubtedly, without the Océ 6000 fleet it would have been difficult to realize that accomplishment."

Océ Eco Start Program – Better Business and a Better World

Francis McMahon, Vice President of Marketing at Océ North America Production Printing Systems, summed it up: "Our business performance is critical to everything we do, as well as exceeding our customers' expectations. But what's also very important to us is how we interact with the communities we live in, and the world we live in. That's why we developed the Océ Eco Start program and the partnership with Trees for the Future."