CounThru TM 2 Professional Managed Print Service

This white paper contains information about the latest Managed Print Service from Samsung. The subjects presented in this white paper include the following:

• Overview of CounThruTM 2 Professional
• CounThruTM 2 Professional Technology
• CounThruTM 2 Professional Features and
• CounThruTM 2 Professional Specifications.

Management Science
Management science is the practice of taking a business process and breaking it down to its component parts. These parts can then be represented by mathematical variables in a formula. Businesses use formulas to calculate how and where to optimize business  processes.

The more information that an enterprise can gather, the better they can determine how to optimize their business processes.

This need for accurate business process metrics is the driving force that has motivated so many industries to create software systems for collecting their product’s metrics and provide useful information to their customers. The document device industry is an industry that recognizes the customer’s need for document management metrics. The Samsung engineers have developed a software solution for collecting business metrics from document devices. This product is CounThruTM Managed Print Service. The current version of CounThruTM is version 2, and it is designed in two configurations: one for internal device monitoring and one for external device monitoring. The internally focused solution is CounThruTM 2 Enterprise and the externally focused solution is CounThruTM 2 Professional. 

CounThruTM 2 is a managed print service from Samsung that delivers the management science metrics needed to optimize the document business process.