Cost Reduction in Print

It is no doubt that documents are truly the key vehicle by which information flows through any organization. Documents, whether electronic or paper-based, are critical to an organization’s operation. Printing and reproducing those documents can be a very costly endeavor.

A recent InfoTrends market research study indicates that the output costs for printers and multi-function systems in an average company account for about 2% of that company’s annual revenue. If that same company takes into consideration all printing related costs such walking to the printer, finishing or delivering the printed document and storing the printed document, a company can spend as much as 6% of its annual revenue. To put that into perspective, a $10 million company can spend as much as $600,000 per year managing printing and print related processes.

With color documents and paper usage on the rise despite the promise of the paperless office, more choices in devices and supplies and increased support costs, more of us look for ways to cut overhead expenses. With the cost of printing so high, the easiest way to cut these costs is by developing a more effective way to manage your fleet of laser printers. By developing an effective print management strategy, your organization can often realize an annual total cost of print operations savings of up to 30%.