Company Nurse Impresses Clients, Saves Time and Money with Fiery VUE-produced Documents

Company Nurse relied on outside vendors to print their booklets, brochures and other important corporate and internal materials. As the company began to print shorter runs and more personalized pieces, this arrangement became too expensive. A cost analysis revealed they could save more than $1,500 a month by bringing these print jobs in-house — not to mention improving turnaround times and control of documents.

So, Company Nurse purchased a Fiery®-powered multifunction digital color printer. This enabled them to turn out more and more documents, but it was often difficult and time-consuming to produce slick, finished-looking materials. They needed an easier and faster way to produce professional looking booklets, brochures, newsletters, case studies, enrollment guides and internal training documents.

Enter Fiery VUE! After attending an event hosted by the Arizona Office Technology association, and seeing a demo of Fiery VUE, Angi Hast, project manager, asked to be part of EFI’s beta test program. Soon after she was using the software, and then installed the release version as soon as it was available to users everywhere.

Fiery VUE is an innovative visual print application that makes production of professional-looking finished documents fast and simple for all office workers. The application is ideal for any functional group across an enterprise including sales, marketing, finance, legal, HR and training.

With minimal keystrokes or training, Fiery VUE allows office workers to be more productive, reducing the time and complexity of creating and assembling finished documents. Business owners gain in-house document control and lower costs, while being assured security, consistent quality and color accuracy across all departments. 

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