Colortrac Production Plant Awarded ISO14001 Certificate

St Ives, Cambridgeshire, UK.,10th March 2008 - Colortrac UK, the leading wide format color scanner innovator, reports that its Colortrac Imaging Systems (SuZhou) subsidiary, the manufacturer of Colortrac SmartLF large format scanner main assemblies, has been awarded an ISO14001 Certificate. This is a voluntary Environmental Management System which requires constant commitment to environment planning and improvement.


The ISO14001 Certificate is No. 08908E0017ROS (29th Feb 2008 to 28th Feb 2011).

Colortrac is thought to be the first large format scanner manufacturer to receive ISO14001 certification. It provides potential and existing customers with the assurance that Colortrac is dedicated to improving the quality of the environment. ISO14001 shows that Colortrac has an effective environmental management system in place to protect both man and the environment from the potential impact of its manufacturing activities while helping to maintain and to improve the overall quality of the environment.

As an accredited ISO14001 practitioner, Colortrac Imaging Systems is fully committed to continuous improvement, emergency response planning and independent monitoring of all environmental impact areas including energy and water consumption, sewage discharge, airborne emissions, hazardous materials and noise levels. Colortrac is required to understand and measure the company's effect on the environment and to seek continuous improvements in combating the causes of local and global pollution.

Graham Tinn, Colortrac's Managing Director, said "As a responsible corporation which seeks to achieve high ethical standards, Colortrac is concerned about climate change and the potential impact of our operations on the environment. As a result, Colortrac has reviewed its production procedures and is now committed to sustainable wide format scanner manufacturing."

"ISO14001 certification is a significant accomplishment for Colortrac Imaging Systems as it allows them to reduce the environmental impact of our production and provides a safer, healthier place in which to work. Given the well-publicized, pollution issues in China, this is an urgent priority. However, ISO14001 certification also means that Colortrac Imaging Systems now use less water, energy and other resources in producing SmartLF scanner components. These savings make perfect sense from a commercial point of view."

Established in late 2005, Colortrac Imaging Systems achieved full compliance with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance standard on 7th September 2006 (Certificate No. 2608). Colortrac Ltd is the only large format scanner manufacturer to offer customers a choice of image sensing technologies, either CCD (Charge Coupled Device) or CIS (Contact Image Sensor).


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About Colortrac ...

Founded in 1989 and based in St Ives, Cambs, UK, a region of British excellence in science and technology, Colortrac Ltd is the leading innovator in professional wide format colour scanners and image acquisition software solutions. As the only manufacturer to recognise the individual merits of CIS and CCD image sensor technology, Colortrac's fifth generation of SmartLF colour scanners and software are uniquely positioned to meet the demand for both price and performance across the full spectrum of scanning applications, from the demanding Graphics Arts market to practical, productive CAD, GIS, EDM and FM technical document scanning. Colortrac Ltd has offices in Beijing and Suzhou, P.R. China and in Golden, Colorado, USA.