The Changing Nature of the Printing Industry

If you are in or interested in the printing industry, then you are most likely interested in the future of the industry as a whole. As new technology emerges and becomes more accessible, the power that was once in the hands of large corporations is now in the hands of the skilled individual. This means big changes for the industry as now the regular person has the capabilities that could only be afforded by large corporations of the past. This will ultimately change the game for managed print providers and their customer bases.

The advent of the Internet has had many profound effects on the daily life of the consumer and one of these effects has already made its way into the printing industry. Internet publications have opened up new ventures for the printing industry. This has become more apparent through the fact that publishers will distribute materials and information through the Internet, and then print the actual materials on site.


This new trend has increased the demand for on-site digital presses. The days of massive machines that only had the ability to print large quantities at a particular location are over. Costs associated with transporting finished products across the US have become negligible as now publishers, big and small, have the ability to print large amounts at their desired locations. Now the information is sent to different parts of the country and carried out by the advanced digital presses available from almost any dealer in your area. This has cut the stress level out of logistics departments everywhere.

As is the case of most industries, the printing industry is in a constant state of flux that is moving toward a more consumer friendly environment. Are you ready for the change?

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