Case Study: Muratec Building a “Best in Class” Website.

Capture1The Situation

Muratec is one of the leading manufacturers of printers, fax machines and copiers. During the 1990s, the client made a critical strategic decision: since stores like Offi ce Depot and Staples were eating into margins and driving down prices, they decided to withdraw from the retail channel and focus on direct sales. They needed a robust, comprehensive website to support this decision.

The Solution
RSW identifi ed the key success factors:

- Benchmarking
- Clarity
- Process
- Coordination

RSW built a site that would accommodate the needs of both customers and a third-party sales force. To ensure that the site was the “best in the industry,” we analyzed competitor sites using over 20 different benchmarks, and made sure that the Muratec site met or exceeded the top performer in each category.