Carbonite Online Backup Data Security Practices


When you entrust valuable data to an online backup provider, you must feel confident your data is private, secure, and can be restored without corruption. Carbonite uses state-of-the-art technology, secure infrastructure, and industry-leading standard operating procedures to keep our customers’ data safely backed up and easily restorable. There are five areas of critical importance for an online backup solution:

  • Highly redundant storage
  • Hardened data center facilities and best-in-class operations
  • Specialized system monitoring software
  • World-class network security and encryption
  • Transparent access to your backup status


Carbonite uses RAID 6 technology throughout our data centers. RAID 6 is a version of the “redundant array of independent disks” enterprise storage architecture that is optimized for data protection. This state-of-the-art technology is used around the world for the most demanding data security applications. In our implementation, your data is spread across 15 disk drives, with no less than three copies of your backup set. This means that in the unlikely event any one of the 15 drives fails, it can be “hot swapped”, or replaced in real-time, with no loss of data. This technology helps Carbonite ensure that single-disk failure never impacts our customers’ data.

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