Captaris Announces New TIFF iFilter to Support Enterprise Search Capabilities for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Microsoft Search Server 2008 and Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express

Bellevue, WA - March 2, 2008 - Captaris, Inc. (NASDAQ:CAPA), a leading provider of software products that automate document-centric business processes, today announced the new Captaris TIFF iFilter capture solution for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Microsoft Search Server 2008 and Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express. Based on Captaris OCR server technology, the TIFF iFilter transforms scanned images created from paper documents into intelligent documents for search and retrieval by customers of Microsoft's enterprise search product line. Captaris also announced that it is a Microsoft Search Server 2008 and Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express launch partner.

"Our enterprise customers are using SharePoint and Search Server for compliance, e-discovery, records management, and business process management applications, all of which require them to manage large collections of scanned business documents," said Jared Spataro, Group Product Manager of Microsoft Search Server. "Information is only as valuable as its ability to be retrieved by the right person at the right time. The Captaris TIFF iFilter is a capture solution that enables our search engines to index the information contained within these documents and make it easier for people to find what they are looking for."

The Captaris TIFF iFilter automatically processes scanned images that are stored in SharePoint document libraries, using the powerful Captaris OCR engine to extract the full text of each page and send the text to Microsoft's indexing engine. Within moments, the images are ready to be searched and retrieved across the enterprise using keywords that exist on the scanned page. The TIFF iFilter also provides automated image enhancement and clean-up features such as auto-rotation of upside-down pages, de-skew of pages that were scanned off-center, de-speckle to remove black dots caused by fax noise or poor scan quality, punch hole removal, de-shading and inverse text correction.

"The Captaris TIFF iFilter fills a need in the SharePoint Server 2007 environment for an automated server-based solution that creates high-quality searchable images. The Captaris TIFF iFilter exposes vital information contained in those documents so they can be easily shared with other people, applications and processes throughout the enterprise," said Paul Yantus, executive vice president of Marketing and New Product Development for Captaris. "As a Microsoft partner, our focus is to add value for customers operating within a Microsoft environment. The TIFF iFilter is a key part of our commitment to help Microsoft customers succeed in a document-centric environment by providing them with creative capture and process management solutions."

The Captaris TIFF iFilter will feature multi-lingual OCR capability that includes most European, Central European and Scandinavian languages. In addition to the Microsoft product support mentioned above, the TIFF iFilter will also support both 32 and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

The Captaris TIFF iFilter will be available for sale online during Microsoft's fiscal fourth quarter (which ends June 30, 2008). Captaris plans to offer an affordable entry-level edition and a 30 day free trial version. Interested customers can sign up in advance to receive email notification of general availability and other information about the product, by visiting the Captaris website at

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