Canon ImageWare Remote Technology/Security Whitepaper

About This Whitepaper

This document is intended for IT administrators who would like to study the security features, system architecture and network impact of Canon U.S.A.’s imageWARE Remote service.

This document is NOT confidential.

About imageWARE Remote

imageWARE Remote is a service developed by Canon Inc. that is being made available to Canon U.S.A.’s dealers and service providers, enabling them to provide better service to their customers.

imageWARE Remote consists of two components: imageWARE Remote Meter Reading (collects meter reads automatically from enabled imageRUNNER devices) and imageWARE Remote Service Monitor (provides information about device status, error notifications and statistics about parts lifetime and consumables). Both services use the same underlying technology - either eRDS (embedded Remote Diagnostic System), or RDS Plug-in (imageWARE Enterprise Management Console Remote Diagnostic System Plug-in) to capture device information and transmit such information to a server managed by Canon Inc. via the Internet, where it is accessible by the service provider via a web interface (the Canon Inc. Universal Gateway or “UGW”).

The RDS Plug-in solution requires imageWARE Enterprise Management Console to be installed as a base operating platform and this requires a server to host the software. 

The eRDS solution on the other hand does not require any additional hardware or software since the solution is already embedded within the imageRUNNER device. 

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