C-Suite and Line of Business Leadership in Transforming Business Critical Document Processes

Executive Summary

The rising tide and diversification of business critical information that organizations need to manage is well documented. Existing business information management processes constrain the ability to hit financial targets, cultivate innovation and provide superior customer service — all essential to maintaining a competitive edge and growing business.

Businesses do have at their disposal newer technologies such as virtualized, cloud-based storage and SaaS applications and more flexible information management alternatives like Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Managed Document Services MDS).

However, the successful transformation of business critical document processes requires the recognition that design and execution is no longer a challenge for the CIO and IT alone. The transformation of information management requires the participation of other C-suite executives as well as Line of Business (LoB) domain experts and functional managers.

This White Paper examines how a growing number of CIOs are successfully engaging other CXOs in transforming information processes; and communicating the relationship between optimized business critical document processes and achieving strategic corporate goals. At the same time they are recruiting LoB process domain experts and functional managers to ensure effective design and successful implementation of any process transformation. The LoB domain experts and functional managers have a vested interest in an optimized future state.

It is the linkage to strategic corporate goals, and this engagement at multiple levels of the organization that will drive business information management optimization and, ultimately, build a culture of continuous improvement.  

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