British Waterways Saves $15 Million Annually with Combined Kofax and SharePoint Solution

Document Capture and Microsoft Records Management System Enables Documents to be Captured, Archived and Retrieved Easily and Efficiently 


British Waterways is responsible for protecting and maintaining approximately 2,200 miles of canals, rivers and waterways in England, Scotland and Wales. With more than 2,000 employees, British Waterways is the third largest proprietor of listed structures in the U.K. and owns more than 2,750 monuments, bridges, historic parks, heritage sites and battlefi elds. It also maintains more than 350 miles of conservation areas and 90 reservoirs.

As part of its charter, the company ensures waterways are safe and accessible for more than 13 million people who visit annually as well as more than 33,000 boats that operate in the waterways daily. 


British Waterways recently chose to relocate its headquarters to a corporate offi ce located in Watford, England. Due to the physical limitations of the new corporate offi ce, suffi cient storage space was scarce. A massive volume of paper records – boat licenses, renewal forms and related documents – was being stored in 100 large fi le cabinets and growing each day. With its available storage space declining, the company was looking for a solution to cost-effectively archive its large backlog of paper documents and electronically capture, archive and retrieve documents at a moment’s notice. 

In addition, many employees were relocated to multiple offi ces throughout the U.K. and needed quick access to customer documentation. However, with the company’s records department based in the city of Watford and its licensing and administrative departments based in the city of Leeds, employees were unable to locate documents effi ciently, which was hampering their ability to deliver prompt customer service.  

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