BLI PaceSetter Award Winners – Document Imaging Security

WOKINGHAM, UK – Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab (BLI), the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging software, hardware, and services, today announced the winners of the first-ever BLI PaceSetter awards for Document Imaging Security in Western Europe. These awards recognise the OEMs that offer the most impressive portfolios of hardware and solutions to help ensure device, network, and document security for their customers.

The winners for 2017–2018, based on research conducted for the Western European market in mid-2017, are:

BLI PaceSetter in Document Imaging Security 2017–2018

BLI PaceSetter in Document Imaging Security 2017–2018

BLI PaceSetter in Document Imaging Security 2017–2018


“Every industry has growing concerns over data security. From business patrons to CIOs, people need assurance that sensitive information is protected. Unfortunately, MFPs and printers can often be overlooked and left unguarded, creating vulnerability in a company’s IT ecosystem,” explained Jamie Bsales, Director of Software Analysis for Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab. “The good news is that many office equipment manufacturers have recognised this lapse and tightened security measures on and surrounding their devices to ensure their solutions are compliant with even the strictest security regulations.”

To determine which OEMs lead the market, analysts at Keypoint Intelligence conducted an in-depth evaluation of the security ecosystems of 12 document imaging OEMs. The granular study drilled down into 140 points of potential differentiation spread across eight categories: Device Authentication, Function Control/Job Protection, Hard Drive Security, Firmware/App Integrity, Network Security, Device Security Certifications, Fleet Management Security Solutions, and other document security offerings related to but external from the devices themselves.

HP Innovates and Drives Change in Security
HP has proved itself a leader in security. The OEM already provides advanced and innovative features and continues to be dedicated to the constant development and advancement of itsreal time security features. Notable in HP’s portfolio is the ability to stop threats in real time with self-healing capabilities. Included is HP Sure Start to check BIOS integrity and restart to a “golden copy” if there are any issues, firmware whitelisting to validate code, run-time intrusion detection, and HP Connection Inspector to monitor and halt malicious requests. HP JetAdvantage Security Manager also helps to establish a security policy across devices that is easy to design, install, and update.

Lexmark’s Solutions Overcome Security Concerns
In addition to Lexmark’s impressive hardware offerings are strong solutions like Lexmark Secure Content Monitor; which provides scan and print audit trails; Markvision Enterprise, which discovers, monitors, and auto-enforces security policies; and Card Authentication, a solution that can expand device authentication to a contact or contactless card. Lexmark also offers capabilities to monitor device health, like run-time memory inspection and firmware integrity checks at bootup, helping MFPs stay secure.

Xerox Features Document Security and Strong Partnerships
Xerox was one of the top overall scorers for document security external from the device. Xerox provides tools for secure mobile printing, secure pull printing, keyword monitoring, fleet monitoring and visibility, and more using its own solutions, managed services, and partnerships with McAfee and Cisco. Xerox was one of the highest scorers in device certifications, standing out as one of the few vendors to have its entire MFP system evaluated, rather than just a security suite or kit. Xerox also supports the internationally recognized ISO 15408 Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation, and continues to expand its certifications.