Blackwell’s Book Service: Placing Books in Academic Libraries Worldwide

blackwell docuware case studyOver 1,500 invoices and 12,000 orders a month are now scanned and automatically indexed in DocuWare at Blackwell’s Book Services, an international academic book distributor. This saved the company 2,000 plus man-hours a year and created an indispensable new database used to significantly improve customer service and reduce overhead costs, allowing Blackwell’s to remain a leader in book selling. Return on investment savings were reached within the first year of operation.

Well known in the world of academia, Blackwell’s Book Services specializes in the supply of books and value-added bibliographic products to more than 15,000 academic, research and special libraries in more than 120 countries around the world. Blackwell’s Book Services has a history rich in knowledge about academic book and library issues.

The company is a subsidiary of Blackwell Ltd., a family-owned company that has been in business since 1879. The family also owns a publishing company and a chain of 70-80 academic retail book stores in the U.K., usually attached to universities.


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