Big Data Analytics Federal Business Analytics

Federal Agency Data Challenges

Federal data is growing at an astounding rate, expected to double every two years. However, data collected from a wide variety of sources such as blogs, emails, videos, social media, photos and other types of sensors often are unused. What makes their analysis difficult is their volume, the velocity with which they arrive, their variety, and the validity of their pedigree over the entire data life cycle. Xerox understands the challenges and the opportunities posed by the explosion in data, and inherent value data analytics brings to produce new insights. By using natural language processing, graph analytics, Hadoop, machine learning, and predictive analytics, agencies can realize the latent value potential sitting in large document stores and other operational datasets.

To benefit from the value of data in their possession, agencies must extract relevant information and aggregate or translate it into information relevant to increasing automation, optimizing business processes, improving efficiency, or boosting productivity. As a leader in operational excellence providing business process outsourcing to thousands of commercial and government clients, Xerox is well poised to help agencies harness the potential value in their data.

Federal Data Analytics Opportunity

Petabytes of information are accumulating across government. Military and civilian personnel records, veterans benefit and health data, genomics data, economic reports, centuries of climate records, decades of stock trades and financial reports, health records for hundreds of millions of individuals, and even the results of NASA experiments in space sit in various federal agencies. The era of "Big Data" has arrived in governement just as it has across numerous other sectors of business. Digital documents, transactions, intelligence, photos, video, Web content, server logs, and electronic correspondence are filling storage systems to the brim. At the same time, IT budgets are flat, agencies are being pressed to consolidate data centers, and agencies want to move from managing IT infrastructure to securing and managing data to support agency missions. The President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology has decreed that every Federal agency needs to have "big data" strategy because of the exploding volume and variety of data.

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