Benefits of Choosing Recycled

It doesn’t matter what size of company you have or work for and it doesn’t matter what office supplies you need, you can find the recycled equivalent. Going green is a booming subject for most businesses; but it’s easier said then done right? There are more options then ever for businesses to be green and the larger the business that is green the larger the impact.

Here’s some green things to keep in mind:

  • Recycling creates jobs!
    • With recycling on the rise, the job market is opening up. With a larger volume of businesses going green, recycling companies are able to create more jobs to keep business running smoothly. These jobs range from truck drivers to engineers to customer service representatives! This also helps create jobs for refurbishing and remanufacturing companies.
  • Refurbished will save you money!
    • When you are looking to make a big purchase keep in mind that refurbished and remanufactured equipment will be cheaper and most companies will have these products tested for quality. You will be getting the same product but at a lower price because someone has recycled or returned the product.
  • Recycled material can be cost effective!
    • Common supplies you find in your office can actually already be made of recycled material. Wood, paper, plastic, glass, ink cartridges and even aluminum can be recycled to make other products and helps keep the cost down while limiting the amount of pollution we put back into the environment.
  • Refurbished is in style!
    • You would be surprised at the cost of getting a desk that looks vintage compared to buying a refurbished vintage desk. Rustic vintage design is popping up in offices all across the nation and people are spending a lot of money for that look.
  • Sell your unused equipment for extra money!
    • Sometimes buying used or recycled may not be an option but there is always an option to sell or donate your unused office equipment or supplies.

Next time you think of businesses going green, remember there is more to going green then recycling paper.