Amica Mutual Insurance Company

Executive Summary

Not long ago, Amica found itself maintaining a problematic fleet of printers. Significant time was being spent maintaining printers, handling help desk calls to correct printer problems, ordering toner and managing the complexities of an aging, diverse printer fleet with units spread across 39 separate branch locations and at headquarters.

Amica turned to its long-time partner, Lexmark, to help the company reduce output costs, improve the performance of its devices and reduce the administrative and IT burden of maintaining the devices. In just under two months, Lexmark replaced all of the legacy printers at Amica and established a distributed fleet management (DFM) partnership with Lexmark that has significantly reduced its printer maintenance and management costs.

As part of the agreement, Lexmark replaced all of Amica’s printers with new, faster and more feature-rich devices, began monitoring the devices proactively over the network to diagnose issues before they impacted end users and established a plan so that it would automatically detect toner-low conditions so that replacement cartridges could be shipped just in time to the right location, rather than stockpiling back-ups.

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