The Advantages of Digital Printing

When speaking of new trends and new market shifts within the printing industry, it has become increasingly more difficult to avoid talking about digital printing. Digital printing is the process of moving large amounts of information through the Internet and then being able to print this information at a desired location with advanced technologies like a digital press. A good example of this would be how the publishing industry is able to send information directly to printers and distributers who can then use large digital presses to print the material.

Digital presses have the ability to print large format based copy for the advertising industry and other promotional needs. What was once performed by traditional, offset lithography, is now performed by technologically advanced machines capable of churning out over a hundred pages a minute. So if you are in the business of producing a massive quantity of pages for books, brochures, and other needs, you may be wondering about the benefits of a digital press or digital printing in general.

We have listed some of the advantages of a digital printing”

  1. Every Print is the Same- Accuracy and consistency are very important when printing large quantities of the same text or copy. Digital presses have become unrivaled in this department and continue to evolve to more consistent printing.
  2. Cheaper Set Up- The cost of setting up a digital press are quite a bit lower than that of a traditional methods so the per unit costs goes down.
  3. Better Color- Digital printing uses four-color process printing. For those that need this capability, digital printing offers a low costs alternative to the traditional black and white methods.
  4. Affordable Customization- Digital printing offers the lowest cost when it comes to customization and boasts easy to use customizable features. This is something that hasn’t been traditionally affordable.

You may still have questions and concerns on whether or not opting for a digital press is right for you. Once you have weighed all benefits and options, we hope you are able to make an informed decision.

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