The Advanced Capabilities of Document Management

Document management is a term that is heard quite often by business owners in a wide variety of industries. As the digital storage of information is becoming more widespread and accepted, more and more businesses are starting to pay attention to some of the finer benefits and points of using a document management system. After all, storing information electronically is inherently more efficient and has the capability of being retrieved even if a business is destroyed due to a disaster.

Document management systems are designed to benefit any business of any size, operating in any industry. A small business may necessarily think they need the power of a document management system, however, when shown the vast number of improvements, small businesses learn that they stand to benefit quite a bit from a shift in the digital direction.

Capabilities of a Document Management System Include:

  • Check in/Check out System- Documents that are stored within a database are easily searchable and easily located. Once found, the user has the ability to check the document out, make edits and necessary changes, and then check the document back into the system.
  • Locking Capabilities for Certain Documents- Some documents are only meant for the eyes of management of the business owner. A document management system gives businesses the ability to lock certain documents from certain individuals in the business.
  • Audit Trail- Since it’s always best to keep track of everything in a business, document management systems offer audit trails for every document that is accessed. This allows management to see which documents were accessed by certain departments or team members.
  • Easy to Manage Filing System- Filing physical documents sometimes relies on complicated filing systems that only a few people in the office understand. Having documents filed electronically means that there are multiple ways that a document can be retrieved. Typing in multiple search queries will yield the results that are needed.

A business that realizes these benefits is typically better off when it comes to data storage and retrieval. Make the jump to a document management system today and realize the difference in organization and security.

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