Addressing Data Security Challenges in the Cloud


Enterprises increasingly recognize cloud computing’s compelling economic and operational benefits. Virtualizing and pooling IT resources in the cloud enables organizations to realize significant cost savings and accelerates deployment of new applications. However, those valuable business benefits cannot be unlocked without addressing new data security challenges posed by cloud computing.

Deploying confidential information and critical IT resources in the cloud raises concerns about vulnerability to attack, especially because of the anonymous, multi-tenant nature of cloud computing. Applications and storage volumes often reside next to potentially hostile virtual environments, leaving information at risk to theft, unauthorized exposure or malicious manipulation. Moreover, it’s possible for remnant data to persist when consumers vacate cloud volumes but vendors do not recycle storage devices securely. Governmental regulation of data privacy and location presents the additional concern of significant legal and financial consequences if data confidentiality is breached, or if cloud providers inadvertently move regulated data across national borders.

As a global leader in content security, Trend Micro has pioneered SecureCloud – a next-generation advancement that enables enterprises and other organizations to operate safely and securely in the cloud. SecureCloud represents a patented security infrastructure specifically engineered to control the security and privacy of data deployed to any cloud computing environment.

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