8. Okidata C7300dxn Review


Okidata's C7300dxn is a low-priced laser printer that is capable of executing documents at a relatively average speed – no more and no less. Certainly, it’s incomparable with the newest feature-rich devices, and moreover, there is a good number of aspects where its venerable age generates unacceptable for a comprehensive printer issues.


The printer’s size is 16.9"x16.9"x24.4", it weighs 105 lbs, but it is still compact enough to place it on a desk, just be sure that the furniture can deal with such a heavy load.

This laser printer can deliver 24 monochrome pages and 20 color pages per minute, which is, undoubtedly, an average result. It needs 10 seconds to start the first B&W printing job and 12 seconds to launch the tasks that demand color toner. The quality of the resolution is generally admirable – 1200x600 dpi should be enough for the biggest part of users.

Okidata's C7300dxn input capacity is equal to 630 sheets: 530 to hold via a universal tray and 100 more to store with a multipurpose tray. These numbers can be easily increased due to the installation of additional trays (an upgraded device can easily store up to a crazy 1700 sheets of paper).

With this laser machine you can emulate PCL 5c or PostScript 3 printing languages. You’ll also be able to print PDF documents directly from a hard drive connected to the printer if running Windows OS.

The 128MB amount of RAM can be upgraded as well, so you can purchase an additional memory chip of 64 – 512 MB DIMMs RAM standard to get maximum of your device.

The printer includes several quite standard ports, such as IEEE-1284, Ethernet and USB. You can take advantage of using 10GB of hard drive space to store documents (which in addition positively affects the productivity of the unit). Duplexer comes as a standard part of a C7300dxn.

The software from package is capable of solving more of your problems, so Job Accounting Utility and Print Super Vision programs can be really useful.


USB 1.1 is an unpleasant surprise to be honest, what’s the reason for all the upgrades and memory, if the device does not support the standard that has been adopted by, perhaps, all the competitors years ago? Actually, this section could simply ruin the reputation Okidata C7300dxn, so we’ll just point out the most critical points about this laser unit:

  • compatibility issues with the latest operating systems
  • it doesn’t support a good number of documents types
  • software compatibility issues with newer Oss
  • poor upgradability