6 Dimensions of Capture Enabled BPM

Executive Summary

Capture Enabled BPM™—the combination of Capture and BPM technologies to automate information-intensive business processes across the enterprise—is transforming the way companies do business. Automatically capturing information at the back office for document archival, at the front office for feeding a business process, or at the Point of Origination™ for accelerating a transaction, helps organizations reduce costs and errors, improve efficiencies and customer response times and ensure compliance. Automating the business processes that use captured information—whether they consist of simple workflow routing, more complex but predictable processes, or highly dynamic processes that change with business needs—provides similar benefits: faster and less costly processing, better information quality and visibility, and improved collaboration and productivity. With these benefits, organizations are now able to provide a higher level of customer service for more competitive advantage and business growth than ever before.

The automation possibilities are limited only by the variety of documents and business processes an organization employs regardless of whether Capture Enabled BPM is used in:

  • An HR department to process and store employee onboarding documents
  • A Legal department to better automate fraud investigations
  • An AP department to extract data from invoices, get them approved, and better control late payment penalties and early payment discounts
  • Branch offices to capture and store new account applications
  • Customers to capture personal documents from their mobile devicesthat are required by the loan origination or insurance claims process

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