5. Samsung ML-2525W Review


Are you looking forward to purchase a smart and reliable printer at affordable price? Lucky you are, ‘cause you’ve just found what you are looking for! Samsung ML-2525W is an extremely reasonable investment and an outstanding option for those want to upgrade their office or home with an inexpensive printing machine. Samsung ML-2525W outperforms the majority of its competitors and only print speed characteristics do not allow this machine to become a true legend.


An extremely quick start and one touch functions should be particularly highlighted, as they bring the Samsung ML-2525W device to the new level. Start your printing session just in one click! Push the print button on the control panel (which is quite handy in general to be honest) and print the document from the current screen of your PC or hold the button and activate the settings menu to make adjustments and customize the results.

Actually, we deal with an upgraded version of Samsung ML-2525; you’ll hardly find lots of differences between the old model and the updated one, however, Samsung ML-2525W has several really comprehensive features: wireless connector is one of them. Feel free to share the unit with your colleagues so they can enjoy a remote access to all the printing functions.

The Samsung ML-2525W unit comes with a full value paper drawer by default despite its compact size. By the way, one can easily use a broad variety of formats: transparencies, cards, envelopes and etc. and there is no need to use a storage chamber.

AnyWeb software that comes with the Samsung ML-2525W machine allows the user to create

The Samsung ML-2525W printer includes AnyWeb software in its package, so be sure that you’ll be able to create exceptional printable stuff in just a couple of minutes. Launch the program and you’ll see the blank page where you can drag and drop the elements of graphics from your browser for instant printing. No nerve wrecking resizing or cropping is needed. Moreover, saving the results as TIFF or PDF files provides an opportunity to work with the project in future.


There is no doubt that an integrated wireless connectivity module and more than affordable price are, perhaps, the main advantages of Samsung ML-2525W. But unfortunately, the printing speed, which is considered to be one of the most important factors by the majority of customers, leaves mixed feelings: 24 black and white pages per minute is not a result of an outsider, but honestly, it could have been much better, especially taking into account the fact that the competitors with relatively poor functionality totally outperform this Samsung.