3D Systems Introduces New Infinity Rinse-Away Support Material For Cube and CubePro 3D Printers

ROCK HILL, South Carolina, July 14, 2015 – 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) announced today that it has expanded its PlasticJet Printing materials to include InfinityTM Rinse-Away water-soluble support material for the company’s flagship Cube® and CubePro® desktop 3D printers. This advanced material dissolves in water, enabling complex 3D prints with articulation, suspension and movement. Infinity Rinse-Away cartridges are priced at $49 for the Cube and $99 for the CubePro, and available immediately on Cubify and through select distributors and retailers.

Infinity Rinse-Away soluble support material unlocks entirely new possibilities in PlasticJet Printing, making it a must-have for all 3D printer users. Clean and easy support removal allows designers and engineers to spend more time perfecting their designs and less time working around yesterday’s technology limitations.

“We are thrilled to expand our desktop printing materials with the introduction of Infinity Rinse-Away soluble support material, enabling never-before-possible results from consumer 3D printers,” said Peter Theran, Vice President, Global Consumer Products, 3DS. “We are excited to see the amazing things that our growing user base will do with these powerful new capabilities.”

Made of biodegradable, corn-based plastic and compatible with PLA plastic, Infinity supports are conveniently auto-generated during print prep in 3DS’ Cubify app as well as in the client software for CubePro. The Infinity support structures are optimized for fast dissolving and swift breakaway, either by soaking in water or by removing and rinsing the support base.

Infinity Rinse-Away soluble support material:

Unlimited complexity: Printing complex designs at the desktop has never been easier with automated and optimized support structures that enable gravity-defying overhangs and suspension in space.

Organic movement: Water-soluble supports give you the ability to print parts with movement and articulation, all in one print build.

Easy, Fast, Clean: Rinse-away supports are easy and fast to remove for a great looking, finished print. Break away and rinse with water or let the supports dissolve in a bowl for a smooth, finished print. Infinity material is safe for home drainage.

Smart Cartridge System: With an integrated, snap-in nozzle, the Smart Cartridge for Cube 3 printers enhances your print experience by making it faster, easier and more reliable. The smart chip communicates with your Cube, so you don't have to. Print with pre-loaded PLA and Infinity Rinse-Away Support material, which are all optimized to give you consistently high-quality results. The Smart Cartridge seals extend the shelf life of your materials whether you print every day or every once in a while.

Learn more about 3DS’ commitment to manufacturing the future today at www.3dsystems.com and the company’s consumer offerings at www.cubify.com.