3D Printing Facts

The most unique type of printing is currently the 3D printer.  Mostly scientists and manufactures use the 3D printer but it’s expected to become a household item within the next few years because of its declining price and rising popularity.

As of 2013 3D printers are still $13,000. This is expected to drop to $1,300 by 2016.  

There are many great things about the 3D printer. Here are some facts about 3D printing that you might not know.

  • 3D printing is used in many different industries.
  • There is a 3D printer that can create objects of widths as small as a human hair.
  • As the 3D printer becomes a household item people will be able to make themselves other household items such as violins, jewelry, toy cars, trinkets and even a bicycle.
  • The 3D printer will eliminate the need to wait on donors because it can make body organs. Organs will be swiftly fabricated when needed which will allow doctors to save a lot more lives.
  • Because of the ability to make organs, scientists are currently developing a way to create artificial limbs using the 3D technology.
  • Once the 3D printer is widely used by the average consumer the hope is that companies, instead of selling products, will sell blueprints for consumers to print the product at their own home. Reducing costs because the need for shipping will be reduced if not eliminated.
  • 3D printing can greatly improve defense systems by creating complex weaponry. 3D technology can be used to create weapons so small that they are near impossible to detect.
  • With 3D printing there will be far less wastage of materials. The 3D printer uses additive manufacturing, meaning it makes objects by adding materials layer by layer. Unlike mass manufacturing that cuts pieces from the product and wastes the pieces that have been cut.

These are just a few of the many amazing things that the 3D printer has to offer. While it may be too expensive to own right now, it’s still a good idea to learn as much as you can and be ahead of the curve when the 3D printer becomes an easily owned product.

This technology will open many doors for business owners and the ordinary consumers alike.