3D Platform introduces new platforms, processes, and partnerships to their additive manufacturing community.

Roscoe, Illinois, USA – May 17, 2019 – 3D Platform™ (3DP), a global leader in manufacturing largeformat, industrial-strength 3D printers, is pleased to reveal a series of upcoming announcements focused on expanding additive manufacturing’s served applications. These advancements will include pioneering new platforms, forging industry partnerships, and expanding additive manufacturing processes. Companies seeking to drive innovation and gain a competitive advantage with 3D printing technology are invited to engage with 3DP in person at booth #2047 at the RAPID+TCT show in Detroit, MI, May 21 – 23, 2019.

Pioneering New Platforms

Market research by 3DP has found that industries desire more options in print build areas, user friendly operator interfaces, industrial process monitoring, and a wider use of materials. Two introductions to the 3D Platform family that will help meet those demands include the WorkCenter 500 and the WorkCell.

  • The WorkCenter 500 offers a larger print area of 1,400 mm wide by 2,800 mm long by 700 mm high.
  • The WorkCell is a next-generation printer that incorporates high-end mechatronics and a sophisticated enclosure designed to enable printing of high temperature-engineered polymers within a large format.

Forging Partnerships

3D Platform is engaging in public and private partnerships with the goal of attaining a more holistic product offering while also leveraging Subject Matter Experts to drive valuable know-how. Three of these partnerships include the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Dynamic Tools, and Novatec.

  • ORNL and 3D Platform have established a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA). This collaboration is focused on three areas: industrial materials; medium sized molds and objects; and specialty-filled filaments with long fibers.
  • Dynamic Tools—The marketplace has been asking for industrial grade machines which are capable of printing engineering-grade materials, with build areas larger than traditional desktop machines but smaller than the 1 m x 1 m area produced by 3DP machines. The response is an agreement between 3D Platform and Dynamic Tools, where 3DP is the exclusive ‘Master Distributor’ of Dynamic Tools’ machines in North America.
  • Novatec—3D Platform is pleased to announce a new partnership with Novatec, Inc., the largest U.S. based manufacturer of resin dryers, and the industry leader of plastic auxiliary equipment. Together they will offer a complete process solution; from drying standard filament spools, to 3D printing from raw material pellets.

Expanding Print Processes

The open market approach by 3DP has further enabled new developments in End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) options (e.g. extruders, dispensers, etc.), along with new materials. Not as widely known is the ability of 3DP printers to accept new and different extruders, and even different types of tools. Two new end of arm tools that represent that flexibility and were designed within 3DP partnerships, will be on display as examples of future possibilities on 3DP machines:

  • Dispensers—Working together with the engineers at 3DP EMEA and Delta 3D Print, a new dispenser has been developed which is capable of dispensing/extruding silicone and other thermoset materials.
  • Extruders—The innovative team at Dyze Design has developed an innovative pellet-fed extruder which is perfectly sized for a 1 m x 1 m platform, and will be featured on large-format printers from 3D Platform.
  • Open call for start-ups, entrepreneurs and innovators! 3D Platform is seeking companies who want to integrate their tool head onto 3DP’s large-format machines.

Open Print Process Training

3D Platform has introduced a comprehensive portfolio of competency tools coupled with print process best-practices. These benchmarks help to support each customer’s roadmap to developing key skill sets. 3DP demonstrates its commitment to the open market approach by providing these training materials for free, benefiting the additive manufacturing community.