10 Ways HP MFPs Save You Time and Money and Help Protect Your Information

10 Ways HP MFPs Save You Time and Money 1. Spend less time managing devices IT departments spend 15% of their time on printer related issues.1 Consolidation results in fewer hardcopy devices to manage and a smaller inventory of supplies and spare parts to maintain. Plus, network integration makes MFPs easier and less expensive to support than their standalone counterparts.

2. Reduce time spent walking from device to device by combining printing, copying, faxing, scanning and digital sending (scan to email, folder, etc.) in a single device, MFPs give information workers network access to all the capabilities they need to effectively and efficiently handle digital and paper documents.

3. Experience fewer network bottlenecks Where some competitive devices force you to accept performance/print-quality tradeoffs, HP LaserJet and Color LaserJet MFPs feature advanced processing and imaging technology, ensuring you of consistently high-quality output at full engine speeds…

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