“One Driver to Rule Them All” Secure Printing and Job Routing White Paper


Many companies now understand the importance of implementing an output management system as part of their printing infrastructure as this lowers costs and waste while increasing security and user efficiency. Two major functions in any output management system are the ability for the user to securely print their job to any device (“pull print”) and for the job to be printed on the most suitable printer (“job routing”)

While most multi-functional devices come with some secure printing functions included as standard, these do not allow the user to walk to a different device to retrieve the job or authenticate with a door entry card. There are no such job routing functions built into the device, so these must always be added by use of software.

There are several products on the market that offer enhanced pull printing type systems. All of these appear to offer a similar user workflow: The user prints a job, walks to the multifunctional device of their choice, authenticates and selects the jobs they want to release. Similarly, most of these systems also offer job routing functionality where the user will print a job to their normal printer and the system will offer the user a choice tomove it to more appropriate and cheaper device if certain conditions are met.

However, there is a major problem with most pull printing and job routing systems when multiple MFD types are used, even from the same manufacturer, as these may not be compatible with each other. This could result in the user not getting the printout they originally requested, or worse still, no print out at all.

There is one system that is different – uniFLOW Output Manager. By using its own universal driver technology the user can be confident that they will get the printout they expect, regardless of make or model of the MFD. 

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