White Paper Microsoft® SQL Server Licensing


FACSys® 5 Enterprise leverages the power of the Microsoft® SQL Server (MS-SQL)  platform. Microsoft SQL Express is the native database management system for the  network fax solution. Microsoft SQL Express enables customers to effortlessly make  use of the product ‘out of the box’, while allowing database scalability through  seamless migration to MS-SQL Server if required to meet greater storage demands  or to integrate with existing installations.

In cases where the capacity constraints inherent in SQL Express may be a limiting  factor with regard to a customer’s unique needs, it is recommended that the licensed  server edition, Microsoft SQL Server, be utilized. MS-SQL Server is based on product  licensing, which can be arranged with a Certified Microsoft Product Reseller.

There are several types of licensing models for MS-SQL Server. Each model addresses  different computing environments, from a handful of users or seats, to multiple  server processor models with a large number of users requiring MS-SQL access.  License Types

There are three MS-SQL license types, detailed as follows:
- Server License: For the Server running MS-SQL
- Client Access License (CAL): For the user or device accessing MS-SQL
- Processor License: Per physical or virtual processor being used to run the  MS-SQL instance

Licensing Models

There are three MS-SQL licensing models where the abovementioned license types are used: 
- Processor Based Licensing 
- Server License + User CAL 
- Server License + Device CAL