Third Party Printer Discovery


HP Web Jetadmin has the ability to discover non-HP printers connected to the network via non-HP print server devices. By supporting third party printers, HP offers a network printer management solution that drives an additional step further toward the “one-stop-shopping” concept that LAN administrators desire. LAN administrators will now be able to discover and manage printers offered by all major printer vendors from a single software interface.


During discovery of devices, HP Web Jetadmin uses SNMP queries to gather information from the printer and print server device. If HP Web Jetadmin concludes that the device is a peripheral such as a printer, plotter, multi-function device, etc., it will display it in the list of discovered devices. In order for HP Web Jetadmin to conclude that a device is a peripheral, the device must be able to answer a set of basic questions.

A MIB (Management Information Base) is a set of objects that defines the types of SNMP queries that can be asked of a device. For example, the Standard Printer MIB (RFC 1759) is a generic set of objects to which most peripherals should be able to provide answers when queried. The Standard Printer MIB consists of objects that describe functionality and capabilities of the printer uch as page counts, media types, etc. Other common MIBs include MIB-II (RFC 1213) and the Host Resources MIB (RFC 1514).

Devices must be able to answer queries defined in these common MIBs in order for HP Web Jetadmin to discover the devices. Otherwise, there is not enough information pertaining to the device to warrant displaying it in the list of discovered devices. HP Web Jetadmin focuses on printer management, and it would be increasingly difficult to distinguish devices as printers unless they can answer a standard set of questions such as those defined in the Standard Printer MIB.


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