Print Audit Premier Dealers Earning Recurring Monthly Revenue

Calgary, Alberta - January 14, 2014 - Print Audit’s Premier program, which grew to 260 members world-wide in 2013, is now helping its dealers earn a combined total of nearly $2 million in additional recurring monthly revenue.  A key reason for this growth has been Print Audit’s brand promise of helping Premier dealers Win New Customers, Keep Current Customers and Build Recurring Revenue.  Print Audit is now publishing Premier statistics on an ongoing basis in order to prove that it is delivering on these promises.

Premier is a unique subscription program that gives office equipment dealers virtually unlimited access to all of Print Audit’s products for one low monthly price. Premier is innovative in that it greatly increases office equipment dealers’ profit margins on print management solution sales. With the program, dealers can charge their customers for Print Audit’s software under a per page or device model, while only paying a fixed cost to Print Audit. This means that the dealer’s profits go up with every customer they sell to.

Below are key statistics related to the Premier program’s performance to date.  These numbers are gathered automatically via the Print Audit Premier portal which allows dealers to track their Return on Investment and manage customer licensing for products such as Print Audit 6 and Print Audit Secure.

Premier Brand Promise Statistics:

  • Win New Customers – Premier dealers have added a total of 718 new print management customers to the system.
  • Keep Current Customers – 97% of customers that dealers have added to Premier are still active in the system.
  • Build Recurring Revenue – Premier dealers are generating a total of $1,992,547 in additional recurring monthly revenue, based on the software's suggested retail value.

One example of a dealer experiencing success with the Premier program is Dove Data Products.  Greg Brisco, District Manager for Dove Data, stated that “so far the functionalities of the Premier program have helped us win the business of 6 customers, which I estimate will equal an increase in revenue of about $3,700,000 per year for us.”

A case study with Dove Data Products can be viewed at the following URL:

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