Océ VarioStream 9210 Printer Reaches One Billion Impressions in Commercial Printing Environment

<p>Trumbull, CT – March 28, 2011 – Océ, a global leader in digital document management and delivery, today announced that Midland Information Resources has printed more than 500 million linear feet on its Océ VarioStream<sup>®</sup> 9210 digital printer, the equivalent of one billion impressions. The technical manuals, educational materials and other documents produced on the Océ system represent valuable information products for Midland customers. </p> <p>A key takeaway is what this milestone says about Océ reliability. &quot;Reliability is very important because our turn times are so quick, usually three days or less. The Océ system has to run continuously, and it does,&quot; said Don Singleton, Midland Information Resources Senior Production Manager. The ability to meet shrinking turnaround times gives Midland a solid competitive position and encourages repeat business. </p> <p>The reliability of the Océ VarioStream 9210 platform, combined with its ease of use, continue to deliver impressive results at Midland. Following installation in September 2004, the Océ VarioStream 9210 system at Midland was the first to reach 100 million linear feet in just one year. Then in September 2009, Midland reached 400 million linear. Now the system has reached a new milestone of 500 million linear feet. The single pass duplexing printer delivers monochrome output at 852 letter-size images – or 196 feet – per minute. </p> <!--break--> <p><b>End Product Is Customers' Important Documentation</b></p> <p>Midland Information Resources specializes in information management and distribution for medium-size enterprises to billion-dollar corporations in manufacturing, educational publishing and healthcare. Midland provides top quality, short run publications such as operator manuals, technical guides, parts catalogs and education materials. </p> <p>The Océ platform helps produce these complex, content-rich documents. Jobs range from one to 3,500 copies. Books are saddle-stitched or perfect bound. Many of the informational publications Midland prints have extensive half-tone coverage. Before installing the Océ VarioStream system, offset was the only means to achieve the fine line quality for this work. </p> <p><b>Océ PRISMA Software Supports Maximum Uptime</b></p> <p>Océ PRISMA software complements the reliability and speed of the Océ VarioStream printer and contributes to uptime and flexibility. According to Singleton, the Océ PRISMA<sup>®</sup> software front end that drives workflow to the Océ VarioStream system offers imposition power and flexibility well ahead of other RIPs. &quot;With PRISMA software, the system is more operator and user friendly. Because it is so easy to set up, it saves time, and makes life easier,&quot; he said. &quot;We work with the variable data of our customers, and they are always throwing something new at us, and with PRISMA, we can meet their needs.&quot; </p> <p>&quot;The fact that the Océ VarioStream produces tremendous volumes under rigorous conditions validates the productivity and reliability of the platform in commercial printing environments. We know that Midland depends on our system's reliability to meet commitments to customers, and there's no room for anything but the best in quality and speed,&quot; said Francis McMahon, Vice President, Marketing, Océ North America, Production Printing Systems. </p> <p><b>Why Océ Technology Leads to Lasting Reliability</b></p> <p>Océ has a lengthy track record as a market leader in the continuous feed arena, and the Océ VarioStream continuous feed print systems are typical of the technology that has earned Océ a solid reputation. Minimal downtime, ease of use, and fast operation are some of the factors that give Midland consistent reliability and results. Others include: </p> <ul> <li>Océ paper handling and toner transfer result in the highest reliability in the industry. </li> <li>Simultaneous duplexing eliminates multiple paper moves to engines for front and back printing. </li> <li>Nonimpact TriboJump imaging is an easier, more accurate way to transfer toner. </li> <li>Remote diagnostics allow faster analysis and correction of problems for greater uptime. </li> <li>The Océ PRISMAproduction® POD server helps drive optimal productive workflow. </li> <li>The replaceable photoconductor belt allows like-new print quality, so even as the number of impressions grows, the quality doesn't drop off. Quality is maintained as consistently as when the printer hit the first 100 million mark. </li> <li>The tight paper web allows continuous, non-impact printing with crisp registration and minimal stoppage. </li> <li>Operators have little added maintenance responsibility. Even when printing, they don't have to stop the machine to put in toner. The self-threading, operator-friendly engine is easy to maintain. </li> </ul> <b> <p><b>About the Océ VarioStream 9000 Series</b></p> <p>The Océ VarioStream 9000 line features single pass duplexing, a migration path to color, and its Graphic Arts Plus configuration delivers superior print quality for publishing applications. The versatile continuous-feed digital press series lets customers invest in a basic solution and gradually expand it as requirements evolve. The printing systems can be combined with a variety of pre- and post-processing modules and UP<sup>³</sup>I integration carries them into highly automated production lines. Able to handle a wide range of applications, Océ VarioStream 9000 systems are equally at home in commercial and in corporate printing environments. </p> <p><b>About Midland Information Resources</b></p> <p>Midland Information Resources is a leading provider of content management, just-in-time digital printing, and fulfillment &amp; distribution solutions to global manufacturers and organizations around the world. Its unique partnership through the International Printers Network (IPN) provides its clients with access to printing facilities around the globe. Midland Information Resources is headquartered in Davenport, IA, with offices </p> </b>in Chicago, IL. For more information, visit http://www.midlandcorp.com/ or call 800.232.3696.