Methods of Saving Paper at the Office

Businesses of all sizes and stages can benefit from the notion of saving paper at the office. While printing is still considered a large expense in everyday operations, business owners don’t need to sacrifice rational thought when it comes to attempting to save paper where they can. In fact, saving paper at the office and making sure waste is cut in terms of paper can have a significant effect on balance sheets at the end of the month. This has business owners paying attention to the amount that is printed in a given day or week.

But how can the average business work to save paper? Also, how can paper be saved throughout the whole business, and not just in a single department? These questions can be answered by both a print management system that encompasses the entire company, as well as individual efforts designed to save paper.

Ways individuals can save paper include:

  • Think twice before you print- When you think about it, not everything that is printed in a given day needs to be or should be printed. This includes memos that are for interoffice use, personal pages, and other items that don’t need to be printed.
  • Go digital whenever possible- There are so many instances where digital forms of communication can be used within the office rather than taking the time to print things off. This can save a lot of paper in a given month and using email has definitely saved a lot of paper in offices worldwide.
  • Print on both sides of the page- Printing on both sides of the page when printing documents can save more paper than you think. If possible, you should try and print on both sides of the paper every time. This can cut your paper usage by a significant amount.
  • Don’t print useless materials- This tip is reminiscent of the aforementioned tips, however, it still is worthy to mention. There are some many documents and pages that are printed when it isn’t even necessary. Cut down on this bad habit and see how much you save.

Saving paper is an ongoing campaign at most offices, and yours is most likely no different. Follow these tips and see the amount of money spent on paper steadily decline.

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