FACSys® Case Study The Reagan Agency (James P. Reagan Agency, Inc.)

Capture2The Challenge

Mary Beth O’Laughlin, Customer Service Manager at the Reagan Agency said “our  customers need a physical fax to bind insurance and we need workflow to track  that it was created in our AMS® system, faxed and most importantly receive a  confirmation back so we can link that binder confirmation to our customer record.  The old manual way meant printing the document, walking to the fax machine,  creating a cover page, standing there waiting for it to fax, get the confirmation slip,  attach it to the fax and then file it in the customer’s file.”

The Solution

FACSys® Fax Messaging Gateway
“With FACSys and our AMS system, all integrated with MS Exchange, what used to  take 10 minutes per fax now takes less than one minute. We create the ‘binder’, fax  it with one mouse click and when the electronic confirmation comes into Exchange  we attach that to the customer record in our management system. It is a fast,  simple, cost effective way of saving hundreds of person hours a year in manual labor  (we were actually able to eliminate a part-time clerical position in our office).”

The Result

“Our fax volume is between 50-70 incoming per day and about the same outgoing.  While only 34 of our 54 staff utilize the fax system, if you take conservative numbers  of 100 faxes per day, or approximately three per customer service representative,  we calculate our annual savings with FACSys at approximately $76,500.