FACSys® Case Study The Canadian Hardware and Housewares Manufacturers Association

Capture1The Challenge

Throughout the year, CHHMA hosts numerous business functions, social events and networking opportunities. They communicate these events and manage registrations using their web-site, e-mail and fax.

“We used to have a really difficult time to manage the registration process” said Vaughn Crofford, President of CHHMA. “The staff would mail out invitations to an executive member well in advance of an event, so they could block the time and plan to attend. Invariably, these got lost either in the paper shuffle or because the busy executive may have had to discuss their prospective attendance with others on their staff. It was a challenge to determine ‘numbers’ for the event well enough in advance.”

Crofford continued “We started faxing the invitations manually because a fax is more ‘timely’ and could be sent to the executive’s assistant. This improved our turnaround time from ‘invitation to registration’. When we sponsored a concert with Dionne Warwick as the main attraction, we invited all of our 270 corporate members and expected additional possible registrations from associates and affiliates. The potential target audience exceeded 800; manual faxing became an onerous task”.

“With the advent of e-mail we decided to solicit attendance of our membership using this ‘new’ technology. While partially successful, our executive members are not all e-mail users because the technological revolution came somewhat late in their business experience. In addition, we then had to manage the task of ‘who to e-mail to and who to fax to’, and of course some members wanted it both ways.”